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to the winners
of our first 
Magnolia Cluster
Art Contest - 
Brantley, Annalise, Jillian, and Sarah!!
Brantley, 3rd grade, Northside Elementary, Clinton
Annalise, 3rd grade, Hillcrest Christian School, Jackson
1st prize Grades K-5
1st prize Grades 6-8
Jillian, 6th grade, Hillcrest Christian School, Byram
1st prize Grades 9-12
Sarah, 10th grade, Lee Academy, Clarksdale

Connor - 1st grade - Grace home school

Great Job!!!!

Anne - 10th grade - Lee Academy, Clarksdale

Ryleekate - 5th grade - Indianola Academy, Indiana

Alex - 11th grade - Raymond High, Raymond

Gaines - 10th grade - Lee Academy,  Clarksdale

Madison - 5th grade - Hillcrest Christian, Jackson

Anna - 7th grade - Lee Academy, Clarksdale

Dale - 10th grade - Tunica Academy, Tunica

Beau - 5th grade - Tunica Academy, Tunica

Lauryn - 5th grade - Hillcrest Christian, Jackson

Nick - 6th grade - Tunica Academy, Tunica

Jayden - 6th grade - Tunica Academy, Tunica

Michael - 10th grade - Lee Academy, Clarksdale

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